Stefanie Egger was born in Graz and moved to Vienna for her Jazz and Vocal Pedagogy degrees. The musical, cultural, and intellectual impressions of the city shaped the singer’s artistic voice, allowing her the freedom to explore her creativity and turn the resulting ideas into her own musical compositions. In 2017 the artist recorded her first studio album „Lift You Up Higher“ with her band LILIME, released in 2018, which includes a set of diverse songs with emotionally driven tones, rhythmic variations, and meaningful lyrics.


Over the years, Stefanie Egger has presented concerts with LILIME, the Big Band Cross Graz, the Gene Pritsker Trio, Eclectic Music eXtravaganza, Floyd Division, Dawner, and taken part in projects such as „A tribute to Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley“, „Jazz Evolution“ (Irina Pavlovic), and „Colourful Moments“. Moreover, she 

took part in the „Jungen Sommerakademie“ 2018 as Jazz and Pop vocal coach and presented in the workshop„Jazz 4 Kids“ in 2018.

LILIME Composer Pop Jazz Singer Musik Stefanie Egger